Candy Cruise Map

Start the Candy Cruise by driving through the closest location to your home and then pick where to head to next in any order. The list below tells you which organizations are where and what their highlights are. The sites in the bowl have fewer candy vendors and more cosplayers where the sites outside the bowl are loaded with candy to make it worth the drive. 

Remember to take it slow when you are going through the sites and turn on your interior light so the vendors can see and compliment your kids on their costumes. Post some photos and selfies with #candycruisepg to win some prizes. Grab take out or drive thru food from McDonalds or Mucho Burrito to keep everyone fed and ready to cruise.

Blackburn Community Centre
 (2451 Blackburn Rd S)

  • Enter by heading away from the airport on Giscome Road and then right on Blackburn Road South-A must see site with light shows, music, HUGE decorations from Black Bat Tatts and LOADS of candy. The memories and candy will be worth the drive! You can head to 1st Ave and River Road to take in the loot from the Winery. 
  • BCNE - BC Northern Exhibition
  • MDN Trinity Financial Services Inc.
  • Tano Fuel Ltd
  • Black Bat Tatts

Northern Lights Estate Winery Ltd-745 Prince George Pulpmill Rd

  • Enter by going through the Cameron Street and North Nechako traffic circle heading down Prince George Pulpmill Road. 4 amazing candy vendors with fun decorations and friendly volunteers who want to compliment your kids costumes. Shoot up the hill towards the Hart Mall and their medieval themed madness. 
  • Northern Lights Estate Winery Ltd
  • OVERhang
  • Triple O's
  • NC Rons Towing

Hart Shopping Centre Mall (3829 Austin Rd W)

  • Enter between the mall and Save On foods heading behind main mall building. Medieval themed site with the must see Princess Fiona from Shrek and some merry men and women. Head down Foothills after to catch PG Rock and Gravel LTD western site with horses/riders, laser show and unreal cosplayers. 
  • Ness Lake Bible Camp and Save On Foods
  • Hartland Baptist Church
  • P.G Elks Community Hall
  • PG Royal Purple
  • Warrior Princess Fiona Cosplay

PG Rock and Gravel Ltd. (5027 Sandberg Rd) -Otway

  • A very valuable 2 min drive off of Foothills down Otway Road. Take the off ramp near Rolling Mix Concrete. with a little bit of everything! Cowboys and Cowgirls on horses, laser light show, amazing cosplay, heavy machinery. A must see site! Once you finish here you can head into the bowl.
  • PG Rock and Gravel Ltd.
  • Twin Rivers Development Ltd
  • Ness Lake Bible Camp and McDonalds 
  • Lakewood Alliance Church
  • Tommy Tee-laser show
  • SoulShepherdess Cosplay

Prince George Cougars-(2187 Ospika Blvd S) CN Centre Parking Lot

  • Enter off of Ospika towards the CN Centre. Central site with your local hockey heroes and some big action from KKS. 
  • Prince George Cougars and Aaro Switzer RE/MAX Centre City Realty
  • KKS Tactical Supplies  LTD
  • Central Fellowship Baptist Church
  • Westwood Mennonite Church

Work BC at Parkwood Mall (1600 15th Ave #130) Parking Lot

  • Enter from The Bay upper parking lot heading down behind Staples. Central site with friendy vendors and the Jurassic Park Car!
  • Second Cup
  • Mucho Burrito Parkwood
  • Work BC
  • St. Giles' Presbyterian Church
  • Tops and Bottoms and Norcan Consulting Ltd.
  • Steve Bush and the Jurassic Car

College of New Caledonia (3330 22 Ave) Parking Lot

  • Enter off of 22nd ave heading towards main building entrance-Full sized chocolate bars from Kodiak, Deadpool, Mandalorians and loads of candy!
  • College of New Caledonia (CNC)
  • Kodiak Industrial Chrome
  • Fort George Baptist Church
  • Alphanumeric Cosplay-Deadpool
  • Mandalorians

Halloween Alley (3900 Walls Ave #101)-Brookwood Plaza Parking Lot

  • Enter from the Vance Road to Walls Ave entrance. Enter from Costco Parking lot/Gas bar side heading towards Best Buy-A spooky theme park of animatronic excitment and bucket trucks towering overhead. Head up the hill towards Canadian Tires Star Wars themed site next.
  • TELUS Communications
  • Halloween Alley
  • Best Buy
  • First Nations Health Authority

Canadian Tire Parking Lot (5008 Domano Blvd) -College Heights

  • Enter from main road between Home Depot and Canadian Tire going past automotive bays. Star Wars themed location with some of your favorite characters! Make the short trip into the BCR Site to catch the most candy vendors in one location!
  • Canadian Tire
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters and McDonalds
  • College Heights Baptist Church
  • Outer Rim Garrison (501st)

Interior Warehousing Ltd-BCR Site-1024 Great St

  • Enter by crossing the bridge towards the BCR site, first right onto Railway Road then your first left onto Great Street. The most candy vendors in one place! Heavy machinery, amazing decorations and SO MUCH CANDY. You're not that far from Blackburn Community Halls party on the hill. 
  • Leavitt Machinery
  • Star West Petroleum
  • Datoff Bros Construction ltd
  • CP Communications
  • Ness Lake Bible Camp and McDonalds 

The map below will suggest 3 Candy Cruise locations for you to check out. It takes into account your location.  If your location is incorrect, drag the red marker pin to your actual location and the map will update.